Internal antenna

The BroodMinder-Wifi is one of our most popular data transmission systems for hobbyist beekeepers.

It can listen to up to 80 BroodMinders and transfer their data hourly through any wifi network available in your place.

You will then enjoy real-time measurements directly available on your smartphone. BroodMinder-Wifi provides you with a full hive monitoring experience including daily metrics and alerts computed every morning.

You can have Broodminder-Wifi in 2 versions: Internal antenna and External antenna (see features below).

Recommended for Hobbyist beekeepers with hives in their backyard.

  • 1x Wifi hub
  • 4x replaceable AA lithium batteries
  • web and mobile app access
  • quick start paper guide and extensive online documentation
  • 1 year Premium subscription

BroodMinder-Wi-fi is at the hearth of your remote hive-monitoring system. It is the gateway that harvests data from all the BrodMinders available in the apiary and transfers to the cloud to make it accessible in the very same moment it has been collected.

As with your own smartphone in manual sync, BroodMinder-Wifi connects to devices in Bluetooth, stores data in a buffer, priori to sending it to the cloud through your own Wi-fi network every hour.

Compared to a Broodminder-Cell hub you take the advantage of a low hardware cost (it is built over our standard electronics into a smaller water-tight case.

If you have Wifi available in your apiary using your own network will also be more advantageous than the cellular option: you will still need a Premium account but no token, since all accounts come with a perpetual free Wifi token.

Like all our products, we have gone to great lengths to make installation fast and simple. For more information, watch our installation video.

There are two versions of BroodMinder-Wifi: the internal antenna version is good if you have strong Wi-fi in your apiary. If not, we recommend the external antenna version. Both are housed in a weatherproof box.

Note: Due to power constraints, the BroodMinder-Wi-fi does not operate with the BroodMinder-SubHub.

We know choices can be confusing, feel free to contact us at if you need assistance configuring your apiary.


Direct Measures: N/A

Size and weight: 12 x 6,5 x 4 cm / 80g

Envelope: watertight IP65 in ABS plastic
Battery: 4 Energizer AA Lithium batteries
Battery life: 1 year
Measurement frequency: every hour
Internal memory storage: stores readings in case of network default, sending them when service is recovered
Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy / Wi-fi network
Transmission range: +30 meters with scales / 10m with internal monitors.
Network configuration: Broodminder Bees apP
Firmware updates: Broodminder Bees app
Certifications: CE


Requires a Premium membership.

From your second BroodMinder-WiFi and beyond you will be required a Wi-fi Hub token (included the first year).

You can purchase membership and tokens at


BroodMinder-Wi-fi data transmission hub installs in the middle of the apiary, close to the installed devices and in particular internal monitors since they have the most limited range. Mount it on a pod or against a wall and even on top of one hive. 

Ideally you should leave it 1.5m above the ground. Do not place it on the ground where any radio signal will drastically drop.

Use BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) to set the Wi-fi network configuration.

To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide

Feel free to contact us at if you need assistance configuring your apiary.
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