BroodMinder global team works to improve beekeeping outcomes

BroodMinder was founded by Rich Morris (on the right of the photo), a beekeeper with an engineering background. Our purpose is to help modern beekeepers deal with multiple global threats to bee health and growing industry uncertainty. BroodMinder's mission is to foster bee survival by nurturing the worldwide community of beekeepers and scientists with essential bee health information captured through remote hive monitoring. We do simple daily measurements on thousands of hives across the globe, to help beekeepers identify and protect the endangered colonies. Because we know that every hive counts.

Our story started in 2015 when Rich Morris released the first BroodMinder internal hive temperature and humidity sensor (TH). In 2017 French start-up Mellisphera founded by Lorenzo Pons (on the left of the photo) joined the team to focus on improving user experience and algorithmic data processing. Thanks to enhancing strategic partnership, we have been releasing new devices and analytic tools every year.

Today we are a global expert in beehive monitoring, operating on 6 continents in 26 countries. We have already sold more than 27,000 electronic devices. Our solutions are renowned for the high quality of electronics and advanced analytic tools.


Our Map


Our Team

Our teams, led by Rich and Lorenzo, are based in the US (WI, Stoughton) and in the EU (France, Pau). 


 Our contribution to bee science and support

We contribute to environmental research aiming to #SAVETHEBEES. For that, we collect and share beehive data from citizen scientist beekeepers via a platform and team up with Bee Informed Partnership. Read more

We invent new technologies to detect Varroa Mites in partnership with leading research institutions, like Purdue UniversityRead more