BroodMinder-BeeDar Beecounter


The BroodMinder-BEEDAR is a entrance radar and acoustic activity monitor.

Based on the work done by Dr. Herb Aumann at the University of Maine, this product is mounted above the beehive entrance and use radar to monitor flights in and out. It also includes an acoustic sensor that listens to the hive activity.

Please note that the acoustic sensor may have difficulty with plastic or highly insulated hives.

BroodMinder BeeDar is patented.


Install Broodminder-BeeDar box horizontal screwed to the facade of the hive with the two screws.

Try to place the active sensor in the symmetry axis of the hive entrance so that it measures both sides equal (this means box slightly shifted left hand side)

Vertical position can be a few centimeters up from the exit of the hives. The radar sensor covers 32° vertical (elevation) and 80° horizontal (azimuth)

Note that Beedar won’t measure just at the entrance but a bit further when bees are arriving or departing.

To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide.

If you have any question installing on your specific set-up, feel free to contact us at

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