Hobbyist Apiary Starter Pack


The BroodMinder-ASP (Apiary Starter Pack) gets you fully set up. We've combined our most popular, convenient, and cost effective components to begin monitoring colony health of up to 10 hives in your apiary.

We have assembled the -ASP from 10 BroodMinder-T and a BroodMinder-SubHub.

By placing one or more -T3s in each hive and the -SubHub nearby, you will be able to  observe overwintering status, brood status, as well as temperature event detection (including swarms).

The -SubHub offers consolidated, single point high speed data harvesting for all devices at once. Additionally, fully automatic data uploads using our -Apiary app to myBroodMinder.com possible with BYOD (bring your own, dedicated, permanently powered and Internet connected mobile device along with a premium subscription).

With the BroodMinder-ASP you will be able to compare data with all the other BroodMinder hives on BeeCounted.org.

For more information, see our installation video.

This option has become so popular that we are expanding the offering to include -TH devices and/or WiFi Ext Antenna devices. Please choose the configuration that best suits your needs. (Please note that the WiFi options include a one year data upload subscription).

Note that all BroodMinder products are fully independent and may be combined in any manner. This means that as your apiary grows and evolves, your BroodMinders can be easily reassigned and augmented with other devices such as BroodMinder-W and BroodMinder-CELL.


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