BroodMinder-W4 bascula para colmena


BroodMinder-W4 es nuestra balanza profesional para colmenas especialmente diseñada para la apicultura trashumante. Es una báscula robusta, ligera y de alta precisión que puede instalarse en cualquier tipo de configuración. Insensible a la nivelación o el centrado de la colmena con sus 4 células de carga de alta precisión de 100 kg, se monta fácilmente en palés de madera o metal.

Al igual que cualquier otro de nuestros modelos de báscula para colmenas, la W4 medirá con precisión los más mínimos cambios en el peso de la colmena, permitiendo detectar el inicio y la intensidad del flujo de néctar. También mejora la gestión de la hibernación y el crecimiento de las colonias en primavera y ofrece una descripción precisa de la actividad de las pecoreadoras durante el día.

Recomendado para los apicultores trashumantes que desean mejorar la gestión de las colonias y reducir el tiempo y los costes de transporte.

  • 1x W4 Hive scale
  • 2x AA lithium batteries 
  • free web and mobile app access
  • quick start guide and extensive online documentation

Not included:

  • for remote monitoring you will need a BroodMinder-Cell hub
  • BroodMinder-Cell hub requires a premium subscription


  • hive bottom centering pins (mounted or unmounted)
  • clevis pins with R clip for pallets

BroodMinder-W4 is our most accurate hive scale. It is specially designed for migratory beekeeping and continuously monitors hive weight. With an excellent stability and accuracy thanks to its 4x100kg temperature compensated load cells you will be able to manage your hive needs remotely.

You will be able to track nectar flow start-up and intensity every hour. With a cellular hub the data flows directly to your smartphone. Besides raw hive weight we’re computing a rolling 24h weight variation as well as hive productivity metrics. Our algorithms also automatically detect supper addition/removal of feeding activities sorting out all the relevant information for you.

The full weight design is mandatory when doing migration. In your yard you will not have the time to fine-tune leveling nor centering and neither ensure an homogeneous sitting of the hive. It is in this kind of ‘harsh’ configurations that single bar scales reach their limits. It is so easy to have an uneven load front/rear for example, because there is a 3 point sitting instead of 4. When you’re back home you need to be sure that the whole hive weight is captured.

You can mount it in two ways: front/rear or left/right. The scale surface top and bottom is grooved to avoid any slip. If you’re using Nicotplast bottoms they will perfectly fit with the scale and you can add extra 4x centering pins (pre-hole already placed, simply drill with a 6.5mm bit).

We have designed BroodMinder-W4 so it can be mounted on wooden or metal pallets. It can be screwed or pinned and stay for long installed. In normal operation for hive migration, you can load the fully stacked assembly (pallet + scales + hives) on your truck with no fear. With its 400kg nominal weight, BroodMinder-W4 is able to hold efforts far beyond any strapping you can make. As a further security, the design also contains a natural end-stop to avoid any occasional damage.

The W4 hive-scale structure is 100% built in 4mm thick aluminum insensitive to corrosion and with no maintenance.

Battery life is 5 years and the Bluetooth signal range is about 30 to 40 meters.

As for any other BroodMinder device one measure is taken every hour and stored into the internal memory so that you do not miss any data.

Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem and you will need a Broodminder-Cell to inspect the data in real time: this option requires a premium subscription (learn about subscription plans here).

The data can be accessed both on mobile in BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web where you will find advanced metrics like daily weight gain and hive productivity.

For those working collaboratively with other fellow beekeepers you can consider the apiary share feature in This allows you and your colleagues to mutually follow multiple apiary yards and detect any nectar flow start through your combined network of scales.

With the premium membership your data remains fully private and only you decide and manage who can access it (read only).

Características técnicas

Measures: hive weight and ambient temperature

Size: 2 bars of 50 x 4,2 x 4 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 2.6 kg
Structure: aluminum
Envelope: watertight IP65 circuit board box  
Battery: 2x Energizer AA Lithium (included)
Battery life: 5 years
Measurement frequency: every hour (default) or every 15 min (custom)
Load cells: 4x 100kg C3 category temperature compensated sensors.
Max hive weight: 400kg
Accuracy: +/- 100g/10°C  +/- 0,25°C
Internal memory storage: ~ 7000 readings
Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy
Transmission range: +30 meters to your smartphone or hub
Firmware update: Broodminder Bees app
Certifications: CE


Available with Free and Premium memberships


You can install BroodMinder-W4 in both ways: front/rear or left/right. It can be mounted on wooden or metal pallets. It can be simply laid down,  screwed or pinned and remain installed all year long.

The scale surface is grooved to avoid any slip. However for migratory beekeeping you should consider if you wish to add centering pins on the scale. This is an easy task since pre-holes are already placed, simply drill with a 6.5mm bit and add a DIN912 M6x16 hex socket screw.

This is recommended if you’re using Nicotplast bottom boards since the screws will perfectly fit with the board interface holes.

In normal operation for hive migration, you can load the fully stacked assembly (pallet + scales + hives) on your truck with no fear. With its 400kg nominal weight, BroodMinder-W4 is able to hold efforts far beyond any strapping you can make. As a further security, the design also contains a natural end-stop to avoid any occasional damage.

For an accurate monitoring of nectar flows during migratory beekeeping we recommend installing a row of 2 to 4 scales (one full pallet for example) to have multiple hive measurements and overcome any single-hive specificity that could mislead your decisions.

Another best practice is combining Broodminder-W4 scale with a BroodMinder-T internal hive monitor. Combining both weight+brood you’ll have the most accurate description of what’s going on.

You will need one of our cellular hubs (weather-station or solar-hub) to ensure data transmission in real time.

If it is the first time you install a BroodMinder device, follow the next generic steps. 

  • install BroodMinder Bees app, create your account 
  • make your first manual sync
  • install the device under your beehive
  • view and explore the data on mobile BroodMinder Bees app and on the web

To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide.

If you have any question installing on your specific set-up, feel free to contact us at

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