Every Hive Counts

Beekeeping faces many challenges globally. At BroodMinder, we empower beekeepers to give the best care to their bees. Performing simple beehive measurements, we guide them to the colonies that need support and help protect them.

If beekeeping is your hobby, get most of it!

Working closely with backyard beekeepers, BroodMinder developed a range of tailor-made beehive monitoring tools. BroodMinder technology guides hobbyist beekeepers in the bees' world: providing detailed insights about bees' health, it helps to identify and save the endangered colonies. BroodMinder also welcomes all interested to participate in a free global community www.beecounted.org, sharing data from their hives and learning from their peers.

If you do beekeeping for business, take it under remote control

The role of professional beekeeping is hard to overestimate. Honey is in high demand, and crop production largely relies on this vital industry. But every year brings new challenges: bee health suffers from growing threats, and climate changes inhibit productivity. BroodMinder solutions have been designed for professional beekeepers to help them increase resilience by gaining remote operations control.

When we say "protecting bees", we mean much more than honeybees

Bees are a keystone. They are the connection between agriculture and wild nature. They are the most evident witness of biodiversity and the threats it is facing nowadays. When bees struggle, many other wild insects are facing much worse conditions.

At BroodMinder, we’re very much concerned about it. We aim to bring our contribution to understanding and protecting biodiversity. Since no one wants to know what would happen if bees disappeared.

When no one knows the answer, science comes in

When facing a complex issue like bees’ threat and biodiversity loss, the way we think about the matter is already a part of the solution. With this in mind, we work together as one team with the research community to better understand the underlying biological processes and help translate questions into the right solutions.

Alain, Switzerland

The sensors are precise, and the software and its analysis algorithms are powerful and efficient. The team is motivated, competent and responsive. My market research brought me to this wireless solution, which covers all the needs for precision beekeeping, and has an affordable price, quickly forgotten considering its advantages and usefulness. I highly recommend this scalable system.

Gerold, Romania

I just received my delivery (2x T2 as extensions to my BroodMinder scales). THANK YOU for the great support in selecting the devices for swarm detection and the fair consultancy about the subscription package. THANK YOU for the good collaboration and support during the delivery to Bucharest. ...and yes, I am a very happy BroodMinder user now for 3 years and I do strongly recommend their devices - even stronger now with the new platform

Claude, France

I observed the cessation of spawning in mid-November and serenely triggered the treatment against varroa mites at the optimum time.

Carola C. Italy

I like being able to compare my colonies to each other. I’m using different hives (one is insulated) so it is very useful to understand if/how this affects the wealthfare of the colony.

The productivity graph is particularly interesting. It gives me an idea if they are using their stores or if foragers are still going out, at what time they are leaving in the morning and I think I can also roughly estimate the numbers of foragers currently present

Bernat C., Spain

2022 has been an extremely hot summer. I've seen internal hive temperatures rising to 40°C. Now I'm using BroodMinder more than ever for the last 3 years. I know it's not normal and hopefully, I've been able to take action.

Jean-Claude P., France

My apiary is installed 30 km from the house and the real-time monitoring allows me to
optimize my activity.