Did you know that the BroodMinder-W4 scale is specially designed for migratory beekeeping?



Its lightness (2,5kg) and reduced volume make you can literally carry it under your arm and also under the driver's seat.
Its grooved surface prevents the hive from slipping on the scale. And the centering pins interface perfectly with Nicot bottom boards.


The double bar architecture guarantees accurate full hive weighing, insensitive to unevenness. The stability is guaranteed by its 4 load cells and the 4mm thick aluminum rails ensure a full robustness with a maximum nominal load of 400kg.


Why such a rugged design? Well, because you'll be moving around with it!
From the very beginning, we designed this scale to be integrated on your frames and pallets, whether they are made of wood or steel.

Grue JBL

Migratory beekeeping is a demanding operation where every detail counts. We want to save you the installation of the scale at 2AM in the dark. You can easily handle the whole set [pallet + scale + hives] with no doubt.
Simply reach your yard, unload and leave!


BroodMinder-W4 has a battery life of 5 years with standard batteries. The high-quality housing is waterproof and robust. And of course as the whole system (BroodMinder-Cell Hub and the internal hive monitors) is fully wireless. You don't have to care of any wires or antennas.

Increase efficiency with 2 scales

Monitoring nectar-flow with a single scale may prove inaccurate. Productivity depends so much on the strength of the colony that you will have to be careful when taking a single hive information.


Best control is achieved with two scales in the apiary together with 4 brood probes. With this set the measurements are unambiguous: You are monitoring 4 hives.

BroodMinder Pro Plus Kit for 4 hives
BroodMinder Pro Plus Kit for 4 hives

TIP : whatever the number of devices in the apiary, you will have only one subscription for BroodMinder-Cell Hub.

With BroodMinder-Bees monitor wherever you are


It is not just the scale use that we want to optimize for the migratory beekeeping. In the peak season, beekeepers don't have time to sit in the office and check their computer. With the BroodMinder-Bees App it is possible to access all your apiaries any time, any place.


The weight gain is calculated automatically and continuously over 24 hours.
By default the readings are taken at an hourly rate although you can increase this rate to 15 minutes.

Bees App

Let's get on the action 🎬


If you want to see it under operation, check this 1 minute video showing an actual migration to sunflower crops last summer.

Moving hives to sun a flower crop
Moving hives to sun a flower crop

Want to know more about how to use the data?


So far we have talked a lot about the hardware. But what also counts is how you use it once installed! We put as much effort into the software as we do into the hardware. We'll come back to that another day, but if you want to learn more read this post.


Are you ready for migration 🐝 ?


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