BroodMinder-W hive scale


BroodMinder-W hive scale is designed to continuously monitor beehive productivity and food stores consumption. By accurately measuring slightest changes in beehive weight, it allows to detect nectar-flow startup and intensity. It also helps to manage colony overwintering and spring growth, as well as to detect swarms.

Recommended for hobbyist beekeepers to improve colony management with just-in time inspections. 

You will install it in 1 minute and leave it under your hive all year long.

  • 1x W Hive scale with weather proof envelope
  • 2x AAA lithium batteries
  • free Web and mobile app access
  • quick start paper guide and extensive online documentation

BroodMinder-W hive scale helps to monitor all aspects related to colony resource management: food stores quantification with the total weight measurement. Nectar flow start-up and intensity with weight variations and productivity. Overwintering resource consumption rate and colony startup are also easy to assess with weight measurements.

The scale is also helpful to detect colony events like bees leaving for foraging in the morning. Swarming events are also well identified. When the bees leave the hive there is a sudden drop in weight. You can then quantify what time and how big was the swarm. Dearth or robing can also be detected in critical periods.

Weight and external temperature are measured every hour and stored into the device internal memory, able to hold more than 1 year data.

Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem.

If you own a Cell hub or a Wifi hub, you can inspect the data in real time: this option requires a premium subscription.

The data can be accessed both on mobile BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web where you will find advanced metrics like daily weight gain and hive productivity.

If you have a free membership, you will be sharing hive scale data with scientists and researchers through our citizen-science initiative Premium Membership users can choose whether to share their data or keep them proprietary.

Apiary share with other BroodMinder users is possible and only you decide and manage who access it (read only).


    Measures: hive weight and ambient temperature

    Size: 42 x 5,5 x 4,0 cm (length x width x height)
    Weight: 622 gr
    Structure: white oak and aluminum
    Envelope: waterproof UV-resistant cover  
    Battery: 2 x Energizer AAA Lithium (included)
    Battery life: 3 year
    Measurement frequency: every hour or every 15 min
    Max hive weight: 200kg
    Accuracy: +/- 5,0 gr, +/- 0,25°C
    Internal memory storage: ~ 7000 readings
    Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy
    Transmission range: +30 meters to your smartphone or hub
    Firmware update: Broodminder Bees app
    Certifications: CE

    Available with Free and Premium memberships


    Broodminder-W is ready to use, following 4 simple steps: 

    1. install BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and create your account
    2. pull the tab to activate the device and make your first manual sync
    3. place BroodMinder-W below your beehive.
    4. view and explore the data on mobile BroodMinder Bees app and on the web

    To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide

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