Pro Plus Kit for 4 hives


Broodminder Pro Plus Kit offers a full apiary monitoring experience to professional and migratory beekeepers. Collecting at the same time hive productivity, colony dynamics and apiary ambient conditions and dressing the full picture of what's going on every day in your apiary.

With the BroodMinder-W4 scale you will accurately monitor hive productivity and detect the nectar-flow start and intensity. BroodMinder-TH3 internal monitor will provide a health status such as colony development in spring, brood levels and queen presence. And the Weather hub will deliver ambient conditions helping you assess how hard are night periods and if colonies are needing extra resources in particular moments.

Running with two scales and four internal hive monitors you will get an accurate assessment of how colonies in your apiary evolve, achieving more robust conclusions.

Broodminder's state-of-the-art technologies, developed by the international team, offer you a lot of valuable information and practical insights to significantly improve your hive management and beekeeping results.

  • 2x W4 Hive scales
  • 1x T91 hub
  • 4x TH3 internal hive monitors
  • 1 Weather shield with plastic strips and screws for fixation.
  • Quick Start Guide and extensive online documentation
  • 1 year Cell-Hub Token
  • 1 year Premium subscription

Optional items :

  • check the W4 product page for optional bottom board centering pins and pallet fastenners
W4 hive scale
  • You will be able to track nectar flow start-up and intensity every hour. With a cellular hub the data flows directly to your smartphone. Besides raw hive weight we’re computing a rolling 24h weight variation as well as hive productivity metrics. Our algorithms also automatically detect supper addition/removal of feeding activities sorting out all the relevant information for you.
  • The full weight design is mandatory when doing migration. In your yard you will not have the time to fine-tune leveling nor centering and neither ensure an homogeneous sitting of the hive. It is in this kind of ‘harsh’ configurations that single bar scales reach their limits. It is so easy to have an uneven load front/rear for example, because there is a 3 point sitting instead of 4. When you’re back home you need to be sure that the whole hive weight is captured.
  • You can mount it in two ways: front/rear or left/right. The scale surface top and bottom is grooved to avoid any slip. If you’re using Nicotplast bottoms they will perfectly fit with the scale and you can add extra 4x centering pins (pre-hole already placed, simply drill with a 6.5mm bit). 
  • We have designed BroodMinder-W4 so it can be mounted on wooden or metal pallets. It can be screwed or pinned and stay for long installed. In normal operation for hive migration, you can load the fully stacked assembly (pallet + scales + hives) on your truck with no fear. With its 400kg nominal weight, BroodMinder-W4 is able to hold efforts far beyond any strapping you can make. As a further security, the design also contains a natural end-stop to avoid any occasional damage.
  • The W4 hive-scale structure is 100% built in 4mm thick aluminum insensitive to corrosion and with no maintenance.
  • Battery life is 5 years and the Bluetooth signal range is about 30 to 40 meters. 
  • As for any other BroodMinder device one measure is taken every hour and stored into the internal memory so that you do not miss any data.
  • Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem and you will need a Broodminder-Cell to inspect the data in real time: this option requires a premium subscription (learn about subscription plans here).
  • The data can be accessed both on mobile in BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web where you will find advanced metrics like daily weight gain and hive productivity.
  • For those working collaboratively with other fellow beekeepers you can consider the apiary share feature un This allows you and your colleagues to mutually follow multiple apiary yards and detect any nectar flow start through your combined network of scales.
  • With the premium membership your data remains fully private and only you decide and manage who can access it (read only).

Cell hub

  • BroodMinder-Cell hub is at the hearth of your remote hive-monitoring system. It is the gateway that harvests data from all the BrodMinders available in the apiary and transfers to the cloud to make it accessible in the very same moment it has been collected.
    • As with your own smartphone in manual sync, the hub connects to devices in Bluetooth, stores data in a buffer, prior to sending it to the cloud through the cellular network every hour.
    • The Naked T91 hub is delivered together with a SIM card and a silicon casing. It embeds a lithium battery that will last over 4 to 6 months (as for August 2022) in hourly mode. You can recharge the battery with a simple mobile phone USB charger.
    • The Weather station version consists of a T91 hub installed within a weather shield. The main advantage of this version without solar kit is a lower cost combined with the opportunity to accurately measure ambient temperature, weight and pressure. 
    • The Solar version is delivered with a high quality solar kit including a 3.5W solar panel and a 2500mAh battery. All of it fits within a high quality IP65 plastic box that can be mounted in multiple ways. You will install the solar hub in the apiary once forever. Ambient conditions are also measured with this configuration although we do not recommend using them since they are not reliable. The box housing tends to overestimate temperatures over the day when exposed to direct sunlight (which is needed for the solar panel). As an alternative you can consider installing a dedicated weather station.


  • BroodMinder-TH3 internal brood sensor helps to monitor the internal development of a colony: internal temperature of the hive, brood level, presence of the queen, difficulties related to eggs laying, swarming events, general health of the colony.
  • Housed in a low profile, hermetically sealed wrapper, the BroodMinder-TH3 sits on top of your brood or super frames so that any heat created by the bees is recorded as it rises to the top of the hive. Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.2 degree Celsius), you will notice the slightest of changes, allowing intervention before it is too late.
  • All BroodMinder-TH3 devices now include temperature event detection (including swarms). When a temperature spike happens, the sensor switches to 1 minute sampling in order to get a high-resolution recording of the event. If you have a Cell hub or a Wi-fi hub, it will also initiate an email, text message or application alert.
  • The waterproof envelope keeps the sensor away from bee activity. Without any wear and tear, you will be able to keep the device for life.
  • Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem.
  • If you own a Cell hub or a Wi-fi hub, you can inspect the data in real time: this option requires a premium subscription (learn about subscription plans here).
  • You can examine the dashboards built with your beehive data thanks to the unique algorithms, at any distance from the apiary.
  • The data can be accessed both on mobile in BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web
  • You can compare data from your TH3 sensor with all the other BroodMinder hives on


    1. W4 scale

      Measures: hive weight and ambient temperature

      Size: 2 bars of 50 x 4,2 x 4 cm (length x width x height)
      Weight: 2.6 kg
      : aluminum
      Envelope: watertight IP65 circuit board box  
      Battery: 2x Energizer AA Lithium (included)
      Battery life
      : 5 years
      Measurement frequency: every hour (default) or every 15 min (custom)
      Load cells: 4x 100kg C3 category temperature compensated sensors.
      Max hive weight: 400kg
      Accuracy: +/- 100g/10°C  +/- 0,25°C
      Internal memory storage: ~ 7000 readings
      Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy
      Transmission range: +30 meters to your smartphone or hub
      Firmware update
      : Broodminder Bees app

       2. Cell Hub

        Direct Measures: ambient temperature, humidity and pressure

        Size and weight:
        - naked: 4 x 4 x 1 cm / 20g
        - weather-station: 10,2 x 9,5 x 17,5 cm / 200g
        - solar: 25,0 x 16,0 x 7,5 cm / 835 gr

        Structure: aluminum and plastic
        Envelope: watertight IP65
        Battery: 1 T91 internal Lithium (included). Fully rechargeable.
        Battery life
        : 4 to 6 months.

        Measurement frequency: every hour (default)
        Internal memory storage: stores readings in case of network default, sending them when service is recovered.
        Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy / Cellular network
        Transmission range: +30 meters with scales / 10m with internal monitors.
        Firmware update
        : Over the air activated with a push button (FOTA)
        CE, FCC

        3. TH3

        Measures: internal hive temperature and humidity
        SwarmMinder: detect & notify on temperature events 

        Size: 26,5 x 4,0 x 0,8 cm
        Weight: 13 gr
        Envelope: waterproof UV-resistant cover  
        Battery: 1x CR2032 lithium battery (included)
        Battery life
        : 1 year
        Measurement frequency: every hour or every 15 min
        Accuracy: +/- 0,25°C
        Internal memory storage: ~ 7000 readings
        Transmission: Bluetooth Low Energy
        Transmission range: 10 meters to your smartphone or hub
        Firmware update
        : Broodminder Bees app


        Available with a Premium membership


        If it is the first time you install a BroodMinder device, follow the next generic steps. 

        • install BroodMinder Bees app, create your account 
        • make your first manual sync
        • install the device under your beehive
        • view and explore the data on mobile BroodMinder Bees app and on the web

        To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide.

        If you have any question installing on your specific set-up, feel free to contact us at

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