meta BroodMinder-T features

BroodMinder-T internal brood sensor helps to monitor the internal development of a colony: internal temperature of the hive, brood level, presence of the queen, difficulties related to eggs laying, swarming events, general health of the colony.

Housed in a low profile, hermetically sealed wrapper, the BroodMinder-T sits on top of your brood or super frames so that any heat created by the bees is recorded as it rises to the top of the hive. Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.2 degree Celsius), you will notice the slightest of changes, allowing intervention before it is too late.

All BroodMinder-T devices now include temperature event detection (including swarms). When a temperature spike happens, the sensor switches to 1 minute sampling in order to get a high-resolution recording of the event. If you have a Cell hub or a Wi-fi hub, it will also initiate an email, text message or application alert.

The waterproof envelope keeps the sensor away from bee activity. Without any wear and tear, you will be able to keep the device for life.

Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem.

If you own a Cell hub or a Wi-fi hub, you can inspect the data in real time: this option requires a Premium subscription.

You can examine the dashboards built with your beehive data thanks to the unique algorithms, at any distance from the apiary.

The data can be accessed both on mobile in BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web

You can compare data from your BroodMinder-T sensor with all the other BroodMinder hives on