Measuring your hive internal temperature is a key factor in monitoring the colony's dynamics and health. A temperature sensor is extremely easy to setup. Simply place it above the central frame of the hive. More acurately, on a 10 frame hive, I suggest installing on the 5th frame starting from the left looking to the front of the hive.

Before setting up the sensor, make sure it is active by pressing the pushbutton (if it is a T2). The red led should quickly start flashing. This means that the sensor is operational. If it doesn’t flash, maintain the pressure for 10 seconds. From this moment, the red led should flash every second for a minute. You have just activated the sensor!

If you have a TH, TH2, TH3 or T3 model you will not find a push button. In this case simply check with the App that it shows up with a green bluetooth icon.

Broodminder sensors have an elongated shape so that the sensor ID can be shown outside the hive. In this way, you always know which sensor is in which hive.

For professional beekeepers, it is possible to shorten a temperature sensor and to only keep its measuring end. By placing the sensor on the 5th frame, it will be quickly propolized by bees. In this way, it will remain attached on the frame top without hindering the hive operations.

Not having a visible reference requires in exchange, a better follow-up & monitoring of each sensor's position. In the past this needed a bit of duty, but right now with BroodMinder-Bees App you can manage devices at the very moment you move them.

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