Welcome to Apimondia 2019 🇨🇦

What is the international event that brings together every two years nations from Russia to Chile, from China to Australia, from the United States to Ethiopia, from Brazil to Slovenia? The Olympics ? no Apimondia! If you are passionate about beekeeping, be certain that Apimondia is the event not to miss. We had a very intense week in Montreal. How lucky to have been able to participate in an event of this level. Extremely well organized, in a very welcoming city, gathering four days long the world's beekeeping stakeholders.

A high quality program

On the content side, the high quality program brought together lecturers literally addressing the whole range of topics related to beekeeping. Five parallel sessions permanently, from Monday to Thursday. This makes conferences to follow (and leave ...). There were also the daily poster sessions, and of course the exhibitors hall from around the globe.

Beautiful encounters

Apimondia is also the pleasure of discovery. Sharing with beekeepers from around the globe. Open to discuss their beekeeping practices on small or large farms. In this respect we have been able to deepen their conception of precision beekeeping. Many people make increasing use of the data to carry out their exploitation.


We found our friends in Broodminder to build relationships and define the rest of our roadmap. We have good plans for 2020. As at every meeting, we took the opportunity to consolidate our vision in the medium / long term. On the floor, we also found other international actors who share the mission to improve the conditions of beekeepers using modern technology. ApisProtect, Beeguard, Beehero, Hostabee or Nectar are just some of them. Clearly the hive monitoring technologies have occupied a good place at Apimondia. Especially in the conference rooms but also on the expo. This is not only the signal that something is changing in the world of beekeeping. But also a wave of bottom that the most advanced beekeepers have already integrated into their practices.

And a state of mind turned towards the future

The only sad note of the event was that more than 50% of the honeys presented at the honey competition were rejected by the laboratory. This is the tangible signal of something wrong with the industry. And so much the better if it serves to raise global awareness to initiate change. Finally, I would like to point the positive mindset of all the actors that I could cross during these four days. The bee and the beekeepers certainly have problems to overcome. But the desire to go beyond them was clearly tangible in every corner of the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

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