From 5 to 9 October 2020 took place, online the 4th edition of the Bee & Hive monitoring conference. A great opportunity to join all the stakeholders working in the field of beehive monitoring with new technologies.

The conference was organized by the University of Montana with, at the controls, two renowned figures of beekeeping that are Jerry Bromenshenk from the University of Montana and Frank Linton from

We all stayed home because of COVID, but unexpectedly the virtual conference attracted even more speakers than in its initial physical version. From Europe to America through Australia and New Zealand, we were all sharing together!

To allow everyone to participate, the conference was spread over 5 days with 3 hours of presentations and 1 hour of round table discussions each day. The time slots were carefully chosen: 6-10pm in Europe, 12-16pm on the east coast of the USA, for the Australians and New Zealanders it was an heroic 4-8am. But they also were participating, the bravest ones!

Mellisphera presented its platform and the concept of precision and collaborative beekeeping. I also had the great pleasure of moderating the round table on the 3rd day.

As a summary, we lived a friendly and well-organized event with many, many, many exchanges. We made new friends and found out new perspectives.

I am convinced that there will be a before and after the 2020 hive monitoring conference!

aperçu conférence internationale sur le suivi des colonies
The second day's roundtable discussion with all the pannelists

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