How to set-up your hive with a scaleOur tips
The Broodminder scale is light (600gr) and robust at the same time as it is made of oak wood and aluminium. It is very simple to install: the scale must be placed horizontally at the front or back (ideally) of the hive, where it is often more sheltered from the sun.

You will need a 4cm wooden wedge to compensate for the scale height on the opposite side. If you want to be even more precise, use a spirit level to adjust the hive base.

In fact, the scale weighs half of the hive and doubles the measured value – considering that the weight is centered between the front and the back of the hive.

Depending on the hive balance, the wedge and the cluster positions, there may be a difference between the actual total weight and the measured weight. But this discrepancy is not really significant since we are interested in the weight variations and not in the absolute weight per se.

In this way, we only take into account weight variations: the eventual “stone” on the hive is not weighed, nor are the supper and candy additions or any other handlings. The algorithms remove all these weight variations that have little to do with bee production.

Once the scale has been installed, make sure that the hive is properly positioned on the scale as well as on the wedge.

Do not remove any of the plastic envelopes! They all protect the scale. There is no superfluous packaging.

The scale measures the right and left weights and then calculates the average weight of the front of the hive. This is why it is important to make sure that the hive is properly positioned on the scale, and that the scale is properly positioned on its support. A good stability is the key to getting the most accurate measurement.

The scale also has an integrated ambient temperature sensor. This is a good way to have a fairly accurate measurement of the apiary temperature.

The 6-step operating instructions are directly located on the scale. Read these three stickers!

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