meta BroodMinder-Subhub features

BroodMinder-SubHub wakes up every 10 minutes and stores data from all of your BroodMinder devices that it finds. This means that when you go to read your data with your smartphone, you only read the -SubHub instead of all of the individual sensors.

It features a turbo-transfer protocol which will transfer a month's worth of data from 50 devices in 2 minutes. It's a great time saver.

The BroodMinder-SubHub will also re-transmit the real-time data over 330 meters (1,000 feet) away.

There are 3 different setups available:

    1. stand alone and sync with your phone
    2. range extender in combination with and old cell phone running Apiary App in Hub-Mode
    3. range extender in combination with a BroodMinder-Cell

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