BroodMinder-WS weather station


BroodMinder-WS tracks hyper-local weather in your apiary by measuring two key parameters: ambient temperature and humidity.

Together with BroodMinder-T2 internal hive monitor and BroodMinder-W hive scale, BroodMinder-WS can help you to get a consolidated picture of apiary dynamics and enhance your overall monitoring experience. Ambient temperature and humidity data enable BroodMinder software to compute a more accurate brood levels within the hives, as well as to assess nectar-flow indexes more accurately.

Allows hobbyist and professional beekeepers to improve their beekeeping activity and resources. Basic plan is available with no subscription fee.

  • 1 Weather shield with plastic strips and screws for fixation.
  • 1 Broodminder-TH internal hive monitor
  • 1 CR2032 lithium battery
  • Free Web and mobile app access
  • Quick start paper guide and extensive online documentation

    BroodMinder-WS combines a weather shield with a BroodMinder-TH. It will measure ambient conditions letting you know whether you reach too high or too low local temperatures in your apiary. Sometimes this can provide important insights e.g. inform about the hive requirements over food stores.

    In MyBroodminder app local measurements are displayed side by side with those issued from the Weathersource service, allowing it to benchmark and assess its 10-day forecast.

    Measuring local weather conditions also allows to compute the local nectar-index®  KPI, assessing whether local ambient conditions are suitable for nectar-flow occurrence.

    The brood and fitness algorithms are also taking advantage of this more accurate measurement to compute hive daily metrics.

    Works with the extensive BroodMinder wireless ecosystem.

    If you own a Cell hub or a Wifi hub, you can inspect the data in real time: this option requires a premium subscription.

    The data can be accessed both on mobile in BroodMinder Bees app (Android, iOs) and on the web

    Measures: ambient temperature and humidity
    Size & weight: 10,2 x 9,5 x 17,5 cm ; 200 gr
    Structure: plastic

    Integrated TH
    Ambient temperature & humidity
    Upload frequency: every hour or every 15 min
    Accuracy: +/- 0,25°C, +/- 3% HR
    Internal storage: ~ 7000 readings
    Battery: CR2032 (included)
    Bluetooth Low Energy transmission
    Leaky envelope
    To switch on: pull the plastic tab
    To switch off: via mobile app

    Data collection
    With Broodminder Bees app
    With a Hub or SubHub

    Battery life: Between 12 and 18 months
    Firmware update: With Broodminder bees app
    Certifications: CE (sensor)

    Available with Free and Premium memberships


    Install the Broodminder-WS in an open space allowing the air to flow. A pod is the ideal mounting configuration but it can also go fixed to the wall or on top of a hive roof.
    Avoid very direct sunlight and do not place it on the ground or over high heat-capacity structures (like concrete or brick) since they will sink or heat the sensor.

    If it is the first time you install a BroodMinder device, follow the next generic steps:

    • install BroodMinder Bees app, create your account 
    • make your first manual sync
    • install the device under your beehive
    • view and explore the data on mobile BroodMinder Bees app and on the web

    To learn more read our User guide and watch the installation Video guide.

    If you have any question installing on your specific set-up, feel free to contact us at

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