Ornetin - Asian Hornet Trap

CHF 9.00
This trap is designed as a lid that screws onto Le Parfait 100mm diameter canning jars.

It's a cute, clean design that is infinitely reusable with no waste. To prime the trap, place a strand of straw in the bottom and pour two spoonfuls of feeding syrup over it. The hornets will smell it and enter the trap. Once inside, they will call all their mates.

Once the traps are filled up with hornets, simply dip them into a bucket of water and let them soak for 6 hours. Then drain, unscrew, empty and clean the jars and start again.

You can order this trap single or in 3 or 6 packs (see above).

Designed in France for the enjoyment of all Asian Hornets in Europe.

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Put a few strands of straw at the bottom of a screw-top jar " Le Parfait Familia Wiss " of 100mm diameter. Pour two spoonfuls of syrup on it and screw the Ornetin trap.

Install the trap horizontally in your preferred location and let the first Asian hornets arrive. Once the trap is "started", hornets will call their fellows.

When the traps are full, plunge them into a bucket of water for 6 hours. Then drain, wash and re-bait.

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