BroodMinder And Mellisphera Announce The Next Step In Their Collaboration. Already Long-Term Partners, They Will Now Join Their Respective Assets Under A Single Global Brand : BROODMINDER™

September 19, 2022

BroodMinder (US, Wisconsin) and Mellisphera (EU, France) push their collaboration one step further. Companies will co-promote the global brand BroodMinder™ to increase its availability and improve user experience. Beyond this brand unification, assortment will be harmonized, digital platforms integrated, and local manufacturing expanded.

Mellisphera and broodminder new roadmap


The main objective of the move is to build the most comprehensive platform and product range for worldwide customers. To achieve this target BROODMINDERTM will reinforce its presence in core European markets, offering a broader assortment behind scaling a regional manufacturing facility in France. New professional range will be rolled out from France to the US and other markets. On the software side, digital platform integration will be operated providing users a fully featured toolset with a single-entry point. A consolidated marketing and commercial strategy will enable a consistent brand experience and help to build robust global equity.

Beyond those new orientations, BROODMINDERTM will pull together the international team to keep capitalising on current strengths, by offering its customers deep international expertise in beehive monitoring, proven high quality, reliable supply, best-in-class technical support and customer consultancy.

This strategic move strengthens the long-term collaboration started by the two companies back in 2018. Reinforcing their global leadership position in the category will open up new capabilities and opportunities to keep building momentum.

Companies background

BroodMinder is a global expert in beehive monitoring, familiar to thousands of beekeepers and industry experts in 26 countries across six continents. Founded in 2015 by US beekeeper and engineer Rich Morris (in the photo on the right), today the brand became a symbol of precision beekeeping. BroodMinder offers the broadest range of hardware monitoring, data transmission and analytic tools to help beekeepers improve the management of their apiaries. Brand’s purpose is to foster the survival and health of bees that suffer from diseases and climate changes by nurturing the global community of beekeepers and scientists with essential information collected from the thousands of hives. BroodMinder keeps innovating and launches new products for every beekeeping season: in 2023, bee counting radars will hit the shelves.

Mellisphera's story started in France in 2017. For the last five years, its’ founder  Lorenzo Pons (in the photo on the left), also a beekeeper and engineer, has built a close connection with the French beekeeping community. Mellisphera introduced a range of professional beehive monitoring solutions and unique predictive algorithms enabling beekeepers’ data-driven decision-making to protect bee health and improve hives productivity: brood level score, hive fitness score, nectar flow index, hive productivity index, alert system etc. Mellisphera is continuously developing new pollination monitoring technologies and collaborates with agricultural companies in France.

BroodMinder and Mellisphera teams have been cooperating since 2018. In September 2022, Mellisphera is changing its name to BroodMinder Europe.

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